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Selected Courses (extra-curricular)

Co-organized or co-taught courses in programming and computational text analysis for the (Digital) Humanities:

  • Python Programming for the Humanities; full-week summer school University of Goettingen (DE); August 2013. Co-taught with L. Wieneke.
  • Python Programming for the Humanities; 3-day summer school University of Goettingen (DE); August 2014. Co-taught with F. Karsdorp.
  • One-day course on Stylometry with R (Computational Stylistics) for medievalists. Ecole française de Rome (IT); 5 June 2014.
  • Topic Modeling Course (co-taught with M. Munson) at the launch of the national Digital Humanities group Israel; University of Haifa (Israel).
  • Antwerp EADH Spring Academy 2014. Full-week programming course for the Humanities (funded by an ALLC/EADH Small Workshop Grant of 1000 EUR), co-organized with a.o. Thomas Crombez.
  • Get going: The Nijmegen Spring School in eHumanities 2013, three-day spring school, co-organized with dr. M. Düring (funded by an ALLC/EADH Small Workshop Grant of 2000 EUR).
  • Python Programming for the Humanities; three-day course at Maynooth University (Ireland); March 2015. Co-taught with F. Karsdorp.
  • Python Programming for the Humanities; four-day course at the Library Lab of the University of Ghent (BE); March 2015. Co-taught with F. Karsdorp.
  • Stylometry with R; full-day workshop on Computational Stylistics with R; Digital Humanities Summer School 2015 at the KULleuven (Belgium); 7 September 2015. Co-taught with J. Rybicki.
  • Python Programming for the Humanities; five-day course in the LOT Winter School 2016 at the University of Tilburg (NL); January 2016. Co-taught with F. Karsdorp.
  • Python Programming for the Humanities; multi-session programming course at the University of Ghent (BE); Fall 2015-Soring 2016. Co-taught with F. Karsdorp and Bart Desmet.
  • Digital Text Analysis Using Python. 3-hour tutorial at the conference “Digital disruption in Asia: Methods and issues”. Leyden, 24 May 2016.
  • Introduction to Deep Learning for NLP in Python. Full day tutorial at Ghent University’s LT3 Group (30 June 2016) [course materials].
  • Radboud Digital Humanities Spring School 2017; Python track (29-31 March 2017). Co-taught with F. Karsdorp. [website].
  • Day-long training module on “Digital Text Analysis” in the doctoral school *Doctoral school “Loading: Methods and approaches in Digital Humanities”. Ghent Center for Digital Humanities, Ghent University (3 May 2017).
  • Full-day workshop on “Distant Reading for the Middle Ages: Stylometry and Serendipity” at the École nationale des chartes in Paris (30 March 2017).
  • Stylometry modules in week 2 of the NEH Institute Make your edition: models and methods for digital textual scholarship. University of Pittsburgh.
  • With Enrique Manjavacas, The Re-Creation Of Harry Potter: Tracing Style And Content Across Novels, Movie Scripts And Fanfiction. Full-day, preconference tutorial at Digital Humanities 2018. Mexico City, Mexico, 25 June 2018 [link].
  • With Folgert Karsdorp, “How to Read a Million Stories? Digital Text Analysis for the Study of Children’s Literature”. Full-day tutorial at the Children’s Literature Summer School 2018, University of Antwerp, 5 July 2018.
  • With Thomas Smits and Melvin Wevers, “Computer Vision”. One-day tutorial at the summer school “Digital Humanities: Processing and Analysing Images”. University of Antwerp, 6 September 2018.

Presentations, Lectures, Talks


  • Kestemont, M., ‘Alliteratieve literatuur in de Lage Landen. De pre-historie van onze letterkunde’. Paper presented at Grenzeloos. Conferentie voor letterkundige neerlandici. Utrecht University, 18-20/09/2008.


  • Kestemont, M., ‘Dichters in beeld. De vaders van de ‘Dietsche’ letterkunde’. Lecture given at Welkom in de Felix Claesstraat! Literair erfgoed in het straatbeeld. Antwerp (AMCV), 22/04/2009.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Wat valt te rijmen. Een computergebaseerd onderzoek naar de rijmzuiverheid van de Middelnederlandse ridderepiek’. Paper presented at the VNC-workshop De ridderepiek omstreeks 1300. Wassenaar (NIAS), 5-6/03/2009.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘The Odd One Out? Middle Dutch Rhymed Epic Literature from a bird’s eye-perspective’. Paper presented at HLLNSA 09. Historical Language and Literacy in the North Sea Area. University of Stavanger (Norway), 26-28/08/2009.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Seghers wapenfeiten. Het huis van Gaasbeek en Seghers Trojeroman‘. Paper presented at the workshop Schrijven in de regio. Volkstalige literaire productie in veertiende-eeuws Brabant (Nijmegen, 28/10/2009).
  • Kestemont, M. & K. Van Dalen-Oskam, ‘Predicting the past: memory-based copyist and author discrimination in medieval epics’. Paper presented at The twenty-first Benelux conference on artificial intelligence (BNAIC 2009, Eindhoven, 30/10/2009).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘21 grams, the weight of the author? The acclaimed robustness of n-grams in authorship verification and the case of medieval rhymed epics’. Working paper presented at ATILA 09. Annual research meeting of CLiPS, ILK & LT3. Corsendonk, 9-10/11/2009.


  • Kestemont, M., W. Daelemans & G. De Pauw, ‘Weigh your words: Memory-based lemma-retrieval for Middle Dutch literary texts’. Paper presented at CLIN 2010. Computational linguistics in the Netherlands 20. Utrecht University, 05/02/2010.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Deen rijmt cort, dander lanc. Stylometrische auteursverificatie in Middelnederlandse kronieken op basis van rijmwoordenschat’. Paper presented at the PhD day of the ‘Vlaamse werkgroep Mediëvistiek’ (Ghent, 10/05/2010).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘De mens zelf? De (on)mogelijkheden van stylometrie en auteursattributie voor middeleeuwse literatuur’. Invited talk presented in BA-course at Radboud University Nijmegen (Nijmegen, 11/05/2010).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Deen rijmt cort, dander lanc. Stylometrische auteursverificatie in Middelnederlandse kronieken op basis van rijmwoordenschat’. Presentation for the Compania de Gay Saber (Internal report, University of Antwerp, 27/05/2010).
  • Kestemont, M., Daelemans, W. & De Pauw, G., ‘Space traveling: Assessing the ‘soundness’ of class labels in memory-based learning and the case of Middle Dutch spelling variation’. Presentation at The 19th Annual Belgian-Dutch Conference on Machine Learning (Benelearn 2010) (Leuven, 28/05/2010).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘The Robustness of Rhyme Words in Bypassing Scribal variation for Medieval Authorship Attribution’. Conference talk at Digital Humanities 2010 (DH2010) (London, UK, 10/07/2010) [part of the panel session ‘Computational Approaches to textual variation in medieval literature’, by K. Van Dalen-Oskam; J. Thaisen & M. Kestemont].
  • Stoop, P. & M. Kestemont, ‘Stylome or Phantom? The (Ac)Claimed Authorship of the Jericho Sister Scribes’. Joint conference talk at Between Stability and Transformation. Textual Tradition in the Medieval Netherlands (Ghent, 21/09/2010).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Track Changes. Testing the Hypothesis of ‘Epic Convergenre’ in Middle Dutch Epic Literature through a Large-Scale Comparison of Rhyme Words’. Conference talk at Between Stability and Transformation. Textual Tradition in the Medieval Netherlands (Ghent, 22/09/2010).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘The author et al. Medieval authorship attribution and the case of the Battle of the Golden Spurs’. Paper presented at ATILA 2010. Annual research meeting of CLiPS, ILK & LT3. Ostend, 24/10/2010.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Het geheim van de Slag der Gulden Sporen. ‘Plagiaat’ in de middeleeuwen’. Popularising talk presented at the CLiPS session about stylometry for the Flemisch Science Week (Vlaamse Wetenschapsweek). Antwerp, 25/11/2010.


  • Kestemont, M., ‘Het gewicht van de auteur. De ‘balans’ van een stylometrisch onderzoek naar de rijmwoorden en auteurs van de Middelnederlandse epiek’. Discussion paper presented at Crossover. Derde congres Nederlandse Literatuur (Leyden, 12/01/2011 ).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Robust Rhymes? The Stability of Authorial Style in Medieval Narratives’. Conference paper presented at CLIN 21 (2011). Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (Ghent University College, 12/02/2011).
  • Kestemont, M., Daelemans, W. & De Pauw, G., ‘Building a lemmatizer for the Corpus-Gysseling’. Paper presented at Galatea II. Old(er) Dutch and new, digital research opportunities (University of Antwerp, 18/02/2011).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘In the Face of Variation. Challenges and Opportunities for Computational Philology’. Invited keynote presented at the “e-Humanities — Innovating Scholarship” Brainstorm meeting at the NIAS-institute (Wassenaar, 29/03/2011).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Karelepiek in Rijks-Vlaanderen. De Middelnederlandse Fierabras als streekliteratuur’. Invited talk presented for the annual spring meeting of the Dutch department of the Société Rencesvals (Utrecht, 09/04/2011).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘The Author and the School: Authorship Detection and the Case of the Antwerp Poets, c. 1300-1350′. Congress talk at the International Medieval Congress 2011 (IMC2011) (Leeds, UK, 11-14 July 2011) [part of session ‘Whodunit?: Literary Forensics and Authorship Attribution for the Middle Ages’, by K. van Dalen-Oskam, R.J. Stapel & M. Kestemont].
  • Kestemont, M., Luyckx, K. & Daelemans, W., ‘Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection Using Character Trigram Distance Scores – Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2011′. Conference talk at the PAN 2011 Lab: Uncovering Plagiarism, Authorship, and Social Software Misuse, held in conjunction with the CLEF 2011 Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access Evaluation (Amsterdam, 22/09/2011).


  • Kestemont, M., ‘Stylometrie voor dummies’. Invited tutorial presented at Neerlandistiek in het nieuws (Nijmegen, 26/01/2012).
  • Kestemont, M., Luyckx, K., Daelemans, W. & Crombez, T., “Cross-Genre Authorship Verification Using Unmasking”. Conference paper presented at CLIN 22 (2012). Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (Tilburg University, 20/01/2012).
  • Kestemont, M., “In the Face of Variation. Challenges and Opportunities for Computational Philology”. Invited talk at the “Launch Meeting of the e-Humanities Lab” at the University of Tilburg (Tilburg, 15/02/2012).
  • Kestemont, M. & Schepers, K., “Stylometric Explorations of the Implied Dual Authorship in the Epistolae duorum amantium“. Talk presented at Methods and means for digital analysis of ancient and medieval texts and manuscripts (Leuven/Brussels, 2-3/04/2012).
  • Kestemont, M., “The Weight of the Author. Quantitative authorship attribution in medieval Dutch literature”. Invited lecture at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics / The Language Archive, inaugural lecture of the TLA Lecture Series on E-Humanities (Nijmegen, 09/05/2012).
  • Kestemont, M., Luyckx, K., Daelemans, W. & Crombez, T., ‘Evaluating Unmasking for Cross-Genre Authorship Verification’. Conference paper presented at Digital Humanities (DH 2012), University of Hamburg, Germany (18 July 2012).
  • Kestemont, M., “Wat kan de stylometrie leren?”, Invited MA tutorial at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (The Netherlands) for Judith Kessler and Johan Oosterman (Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 9 Octobre 2012).
  • Kestemont, M. (with the cooperation of G. Croenen), Authorial and Scribal Stylome Recognition. Informal presentation at Journées d’étude: la lemmatisation du Moyen Français (University of Liverpool, 15-16 octobre 2012).
  • Kestemont, M., Middeleeuwse stylomen. Presentation of my postdoc project at the Second Goliath Postdoc day (Utrecht, The Netherlands, 19/10/2010).
  • Kestemont, M., De mythe van de minstreeltekst. Archaïsering en oralisering in de Middelnederlandse ridderliteratuur. Lecture at the colloquium Performance. Littérature, images, événements. Journée d’étude du R.M.B.L.F., du Vlaamse Werkgroep Mediëvistiek et de la Société Internationale de Littérature Courtoise, University College Brussels (23 November 2012).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Forensische filologie. Stylometrische auteursherkenning in de Nederlandstalige literatuur uit de middeleeuwen’. Popularizing lecture given at the presentation of the Award Frans van Cauwelaert at the Paleis der Academieën (20/12/2012, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and the Arts).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Het gewicht van de auteur. Kwantitatieve auteursherkenning in Middelnederlandse literatuur’. Guest lecture, together with Antal van den Bosch, at the Radboud University Nijmegen for a Core-Curriculum course in the Humanities (theme: “words”, organized by Peter de Swart, 11 december 2012).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Old Wine in New Skins: Computational Stylistics as an Auxiliary Tool for Middle Dutch Philology’. Invited talk at the colloquium “Philology between Old and New”, organized by the VUB Linguistics Seminars (WOT) and the VUB Literature and Culture Seminars (WOLEC) (18 December 2012, Free University of Brussels).


  • Kestemont, M. (i.s.m. Hogenbirk, M.), ‘Serendipiteit in de wetenschap: kan de stylometrie dit afdwingen?’. Invited talk at a colloquium (‘Handgemaakte inzichten’: digitale technieken in de letterkunde) organized at the occassion of the inaugural address of K. van Dalen-Oskam at the University of Amsterdam (1 February 2013, University of Amsterdam).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Computation in style. Linguistic authorship attribution in historic and modern texts’. Invited talk at the Scientific Interdisciplinary Seminar organized by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (20/02/2013, University of Antwerp).
  • Gabriël, R. & Kestemont, M., Cherry Picking. A Study of Manuscript Ghent, UL, 1374 in the Context of the Book Collection of the Charterhouse of Herne. Paper presented at Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript Conference (25-28/04/2013, Utrecht University).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Lezen vanop afstand. Digital Humanities en de computationele analyse van middeleeuwse literatuur’. Invited talk at the Catholic University of Leuven, dept. of Linguistics, research team ‘Onderzoeksgroep Nederlandse Grammatica en Taalgebruik’ (Leuven, 27 mei 2013).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Lezen vanop afstand. Digital Humanities en de computationele analyse van middeleeuwse literatuur‘. Invited talk at the HUBrussels CRISSP Seminar series (Brussels, 3 June 2013).
  • Kestemont, M. (in close collab. with S. Moens & J. Deploige), ‘Computational Text Analysis and Medieval Literature: A Distant Reading’ (talk presented at the three-day Digital Humanities workshop ‘Digital Documents, Digital Approaches. Mark-up, Analysis and Representation of Medieval Texts: Theory and Practices’, Ghent University, 5-7 september 2013).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Imperial Flanders. Regional literature and the case of the Carolingian epic’. Lecture held at the congress: 54es Rencontres du centre Européen d’études Bourguignonnes: Culture historique : la cour, les pays, les villes dans les anciens Pays-Bas (XIVe-XVIe siècles). Leyden/The Hague (19-22 september 2013).
  • Kestemont, M. & J. Deploige (joint work with S. Moens), ‘Stylometry Applied to Medieval Latin. An Analysis of Authorship in the Twelfth Century’ (presentation at the Henri Pirenne Institute Autumn School in Historical Languages 2013, Ghent University, 21-23 Octobre 2013).
  • Karsdorp, F. & Kestemont, M. (together with A. van den Bosch, W. Daelemans & D. Roth), “Mining the Twentieth Century’s History from the TIME Magazine Corpus”. Keynote presented at Patterns in Narrative Texts. NWO-CATCH meeting by FACT, Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (13/12/2013).


  • Kestemont, M., ‘A Distant Reading of a Distant Past: Computational Text Analysis and Medieval Literature’. Talk as part of Leipzig eHumanities Seminar (Leipzig University, Germany, 15/01/2014).
  • Karsdorp, F. & Kestemont, M. (together with Dong Nguyen, D. Roth, A. van den Bosch & W. Daelemans), “Mining the Twentieth Century’s History from the TIME Magazine Corpus”. Conference paper presented at CLIN 24 (2014). Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (Leiden University, The Netherlands, 17/01/2014)
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Serendipiteit in de literatuurwetenschap. Kan de stylometrie dit afdwingen?’. Guest lecture, dept. Linguistics, University of Ghent, 12/03/2014.
  • Folgert Karsdorp & Mike Kestemont, with Dong Nguyen, Dan Roth, Antal van den Bosch & Walter Daelemans, Learning to Rank Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Invited talk at Joint Machine Learning/Information Foraging Lab Colloquium (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 11 April 2014).
  • Kestemont, M., Karsdorp, F. & M. Düring, ‘Mining the 20th Century’s History from the Time Magazine Corpus’, Oral presentation at the Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities Workshop, co-located with the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Gothenburg, Sweden, 26 April 2014).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Function Words in Authorship Attribution. From Black Magic to Theory?’. Oral presentation at the Computational Linguistics for Literature Workshop, co-located with the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Gothenburg, Sweden, 27 April 2014).
  • Bram Vandekerckhove & Mike Kestemont, with Kate Nation, Stephen Pulman & Victoria Murphy, ‘Mining World Views from the BBC 500 Words Corpus’, Invited talk at the Oxford Children’s Corpus Workshop, BBC Radio 2 500 Words 2014 (Oxford University Press, UK, 24 April 2014).
  • Kestemont, M. (with S. Moens and J. Deploige). ‘Collaborative Authorship in the Twelfth Century. A Stylometric Study of Hildegard of Bingen and Guibert of Gembloux’. Guest Lecture at the ULB/VUB, in the MA-Course “Current trends in AI” (Brussels, 9 May 2014).
  • Kestemont, M., G. de Pauw, R. van Nie & W. Daelemans, “Towards a General Purpose Tagger-Lemmatizer for Pre-Modern Dutch”. Conference talk presented at the Digital Humanities 2014 Benelux Conference (The Hague, 12-13 June 2014).
  • Kestemont, M., “Stylometry with R: An Introduction”. 2-hour guest course about stylometry for computational literary studies at the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, 3 October 2014).


  • Kestemont, M., “Modeling Scribal Variation. The Promise of Unsupervised Methods”. Presentation at ‘Linguistics Meets Palaeography’ (NIAS, Wassenaar, The Netherlands, 11/02/2015)
  • Kestemont, M. (et al.), “Distant Reading for the Middle Ages. Stylometry and Serendipity”. 30/03/2015, invited talk at the Ecole Nationale des Chartes (Paris, France), e-Philologie lecture series.
  • Kestemont, M. (with C. Klapwijk), “Een computationele analyse van de DBNL. Een kritiek op de Digital Humanities”. Keynote delivered at the 19th IVN-Colloquium Neerlandicum, Leiden, 20/08/2015
  • Kestemont, M. (with F. Karsdorp), “Deep Humanities. Word embeddings and their application in computational text analysis”. Invited talk in the TiCC lecture series, 30 september 2015, Tilburg University.
  • Kestemont, M., “Stylometry and serendipity”, Guest BA-course ‘Language in the Digital Age’, 30 september 2015, Tilburg University.
  • Kestemont, M., “Deep Humanities. Applications of Representation Learning in the Digital Humanities”. Guest Lecture in the Digital Humanities Lecture Series at the Universität Bern, Switserland, 16 November 2015.
  • Kestemont, M., with D. van Hulle, ‘DHBenelux and DHuF. Digital Humanities in Flanders & Benelux’. Dariah-BE Launch Meeting, Antwerp (27/11/2015).
  • Kestemont, M., with Guy De Pauw, Walter Daelemans, Renske van Nie, Sander Dieleman and Gilles- Maurice de Schryver. Tagging variation-rich languages using convolutional neural networks. Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Conference (CLIN26). Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 18/12/2015).


  • Kestemont, M. ‘Deep Humanities. Representation learning, word embeddings and their application in computational text analysis’. Invited Guest Lecture, Språkforum, University of Stavanger, Norway, 14 January 2016.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Deep Learning: The Story of a Hype and its Untapped Potential for the Humanities’. Keynote delivered at the Final NWO-CATCH (Continuous Access To Cultural Heritage) event, University of Tilburg, The Netherlands, 28 January, 2016.
  • Kestemont, M., F. Mambrini & M. Passarotti, Deep Learning and Computational Authorship Attribution for Ancient Greek Texts’. The Case of the Attic Orators’. Digital Classicist Seminar, Berlin, Germany, 16 February 2016.
  • Kestemont, M. ‘Stylometrie en auteursherkenning’. 21 april 2016, Nijmegen. Gastcollege Ba-cursus Digital Humanities neerlandistiek (N. van der Sijs en S. Lestrade).
  • Kestemont, M., with M. de Bruin, T. de Winkel & E. Stronks. Wilhelmus, Wilhelmi. Met de computer op zoek naar de auteur van het Nederlandse volkslied. First Louis Peter Grijp Lecture. KNAW Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 10 May 2016 (http://www.neerlandistiek.nl/2016/05/toevallig-op-petrus-datheen-stuiten/)[report M. van Oostendorp].
  • Kestemont, M., with Cees Klapwijk, Folgert Karsdorp & Roel Smeets, ‘De canon en de kritiek’. Een computationeel onderzoek naar auteursvermeldingen in de DBNL. Invited lecture Royal Library The Hague in the ‘Weetfabriek’ series. 12/05/2016.
  • Kestemont, M., Stover, J., Koppel, M., Karsdorp, K. & Daelemans, W. ‘Authorship Verification with the Minmax Metric’. Conference presentation at Digital Humanities Benelux 2016, Belval, Luxemburg, 10 June 2016.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘The Matter of Art. Authenticity Criticism in the Humanities’, presentation at the Pre-Conference Workshop on Digital Literary Stylistics at Digital Humanities 2016, Krakow, Poland, 11-16 July 2016 [workshop website].
  • Dirk van Hulle & Mike Kestemont, ‘Stylochronometry and the Periodization of Samuel Beckett’s Prose’, Conference talk at Digital Humanities 2016, Krakow, Poland, 11-16 July 2016 [abstract].
  • Kestemont, M., Stover, J., Koppel, M., Karsdorp, F., Daelemans, W., ‘Authorship Verification with the Ruzicka Metric’. Conference talk at Digital Humanities 2016, Krakow, Poland, 11-16 July 2016 [abstract].
  • Kestemont, M., ‘The Matter of Text: Authenticity Criticism in Literature and the Visual Arts’. Conference presentation at SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing), 18-22 July 2016. In the panel session “Languages before and after the Book / Les langues avant et après le livre”.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Siamese Networks for the Humanities. The Automated Classification of Image Pairs and Text Pairs’. Conference presentation at the Thirteenth annual conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS), Antwerp, 5-7 October 2016.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Expect the Unexpected. Serendipity and the Digital Humanities’, Invited talk Radboud University Nijmegen, NL, 14 December 2016.


  • Kestemont, M., ‘Deep Learning. The Hype, the Promise and the Humanities’. Invited talk at the eHumanities series, University of Leipzig (DE), 17 January 2017.
  • Kestemont, M. with F. Karsdorp, ‘The State of Stylometry: Achievements and Challenges in Computational Stylistics’. Invited talk at the Digital Humanities Seminar, University of Manchester (UK), 26 Jan 2017.
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Deep Learning for the Humanities. Bridging the Gap between Human and Artificial Intelligence’. Research Day at the Arts Faculty of the University of Antwerp (31/01/2017).
  • Kestemont, M., ‘Het Wilhelmus en de dichter met de ezelsoren’. Plenary opening keynote Nationale Wiskundedagen Nederland 23 (2017). Noordwijkerhout, 03/02/2017.
  • Kestemont, M., Stylometry for historic literature. Invited talk at the Groupe de recherche sur le moyen français, Université catholique de Louvain. 20 March 2017.
  • Kestemont, M.; Stronks, E.; De Bruin, M. & De Winkel, T., “Did a Poet with Donkey Ears Write the Oldest Anthem in the World? Ideological Implications of the Computational Attribution of the Dutch National Anthem to Petrus Dathenus”. Digital Humanities 2017 (Montreal, August 9, 2017).
  • Kestemont, M. & Stutzmann, D., “Script Identification in Medieval Latin Manuscripts Using Convolutional Neural Networks”. Digital Humanities 2017 (Montreal, August 10, 2017).
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  • Manjavacas, E.; De Gussem, J.; Daelemans, W. & Kestemont, M., “Assessing the Stylistic Properties of Neurally Generated Text in Authorship Attribution”. Talk at the first Workshop on Stylistic Variation, collocated with EMNLP 2017 (Copenhagen, September 8, 2017).
  • Kestemont, M.; Martens, G. and Ries, T., “A challenge for stylometry and authorship attribution methods: Goethe‘s contributions to the Frankfurter Gelehrte Anzeigen 1772/73”. Talk at the conference Digital approaches towards serial publications (18th–20th centuries) (Brussels, 11 September 2017).
  • Kestemont, M., “Generative Models and the Digital Humanities”. Evening keynote presented at the Summer School CAST 2017. Computergestützte Analyse und Verarbeitung von Sprache und Text. Graz, Austria, 21 September 2017.
  • Kestemont, M., “Towards Synthetic Literature”. Invited talk at exhibition “Algoliterary Lectures”. Maison du livre, Bruxelles, 10 November 2017 Brussels.


  • Kestemont, M., Joosen, J. and Van Hulle, D. “Modelling the Muggles. Applying distributional semantics to the Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling”. Workshop talk at Embedded Humanities - The Use of Distributional Models in the Digital Humanities, preconference workshop at DHd 2018, Cologne, 27 February 2018 [link].
  • Kestemont, M., Joosen, J. and Van Hulle, D. “The computer as literary scholar? Analyzing Harry Potter with DH tools – a pilot study”. Conference presentation at Growing Scientists! Children’s literature and the sciences, Antwerp, 7 March 2018 [link].
  • Kestemont, M. (with Manjavacas, E.; Karsdorp, F. and Burtenshaw, B., “Synthetische literatuur”. Invited lunch lecture at Uitgeverij Wereldbibliotheek, Amsterdam, 15 March 2018.
  • Mike Kestemont, ‘Harry Potter as a case study in teaching digital text analysis’. DARIAH-EU Working Group meetings: WG Text and Data Analytics. Collocated with the DARIAH-EU Annual Event. Paris, 23 May 2018.
  • Mike Kestemont, ‘Het web van de medioneerlandistiek. De zin en onzin van citatie-analyses’. Vierde Dag van de medioneerlandistiek. Leiden, 1 juni 2018.
  • Kestemont, M., Joosen, J. and Van Hulle, D., “Harry Potter as a case study in teaching digital text analysis”. 18 June 2018, Troisième atelier Motifs. Paris.
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